Airborne Drones

Cattle Rustling

Cattle rustling is the IDEAL USE CASE for the AERIAL and MOBILITY ADVANTAGES drones provide. Stock theft tends to happen in more remote areas where access and monitoring is more difficult for terrestrial based operations, whether by foot or vehicle and line of sight could be obscured by obstacles. It is a worldwide problem but …

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Using drones with remote sensing technologies for forest management Forest Fires The very destructive forest fires that started on 18 April 2021 on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa destroyed a number of historical buildings and inevitable brought attention back to responsible forest management practices. In this case there are 2 …

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Drones with night vision camera

night vision sensor

Being able to see in the dark with a. drone with a night vision camera is a massive advantage when operations have to be conducted by people, especially when this can be done remotely. With the introduction of camera mounted drones most camera manufacturers have developed camera ‘cores’ which is basically just the working part …

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Best Border Security and Control methods

border security with drones

Best Border Security and Control methods. Border Patrol Drones What is the best method: A Wall, or Drones? In other words: fixed or a virtual border? These are not the only options. But the big question is: What do you want to achieve? Border conflict between neighbouring nations often dominate international news headlines. Whether it …

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How Much Weight Can A High Payload Drone Carry?

delivery drone with payload

Knowing what features you need for your drone will guide you in getting important questions answered before getting one. It is essential to think carefully about the role of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and how to best utilize its potential. To pick the perfect unit, you will need to find out how much weight …

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What are the benefits of LONG RANGE SECURITY DRONES? Security drones are: easier, faster, and cheaper method of data collection, enter narrow and confined spaces, minimal noise, night vision cameras and thermal sensors, capture imagery the human eye is unable to detect. quickly cover large and difficult-to-reach areas, Security Drones enable: “Enhanced ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, …

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How To Calibrate A Long-Range Quadcopter Commercial Drone

If you plan to use a long-range quadcopter commercial drone either for personal or business purposes, the best way to learn is to try operating one. But, before you start getting your hands on it, it’s necessary to get to know how they work first, especially the importance of having them calibrated regularly.  Experienced drone …

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Food Delivery Drone

What are the key parameters for a successful Food Delivery Drone? What drives the minimum delivery range and ideal payload weight? What is the ideal delivery mechanism? How can reduced delivery time improve competitiveness and higher payloads expand the potential customer base?