Airborne Drones

How To Calibrate A Long-Range Quadcopter Commercial Drone

If you plan to use a long-range quadcopter commercial drone either for personal or business purposes, the best way to learn is to try operating one. But, before you start getting your hands on it, it’s necessary to get to know how they work first, especially the importance of having them calibrated regularly.  Experienced drone …

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Food Delivery Drone

What are the key parameters for a successful Food Delivery Drone? What drives the minimum delivery range and ideal payload weight? What is the ideal delivery mechanism? How can reduced delivery time improve competitiveness and higher payloads expand the potential customer base?

Best Drones to Buy

Best drones to buy

We have seen a significant increase of buyers moving from single drones purchases for piloting/prototyping purposes to fleet purchases as drone technologies are being adopted for mainstream integration into business processes.


Security Drones are being used in a wide variety of security applications, from patrolling borders and conducting 24/7 surveillance of huge sectors to responding to early warning triggers and conducting initial assessments. But there are a few things prospective enterprise drone customers need to know. The introduction of low altitude sUAS (small Unmanned Arial Systems) as Security Drones in …

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High Speed Drones for ISR / OODA

advantages of drones across ISR framework

The role of time and space in ISR and OODA (incident response) integration. High speed drones. With drones the functional specifications that often receive the most attention typically are:  flight time, and payload.  Long flight times does not help when it comes to longer range missions. If in responding to an incident, it arrives at a target destination too …

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Integrated ISR model using drones

ISR with airborne Thermal and Optical sensors Drones (UAVs)  are invaluable tools in surveillance and security as, along with various sensor payloads, it can play a role in ALL phases of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) from initial Detection to the final Response. Two of the most commonly used sensors are thermal and optical cameras, which are very effectively deployed on mobile platforms such …

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Detecting Humans with SAR remote sensing technologies

Using thermal cameras in drones in security and surveillance

Low Altitude automatic target detection with Remote Sensing using SAR technology. Automated Target Detection Automatic target detection (ATD), such as Detecting Humans with SAR, is very important in military applications and there are challenging problems with ground surveillance. The inability to achieve high detection rates and low false alarm rates for well-known challenges, such as …

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Drones and COVID-19

Responsive Digital Infrastructure in times of a crises. How drones can help during a Covid-19 pandemic. 4IR, Drones and COVID-19 in a RECESSION The Novel Corona Virus has literally brought the globe to a standstill. The impact of social distancing during this pandemic is so massive that its effects on carbon emissions are visible from …

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