BVLOS drones

Long range quadcopter

BVLOS DRONES (Beyond Visual Line of Sight). THE NEXT BIG STEP Flying commercial long range BVLOS Drones Being all the rage, drones have already had a big impact on our lives, industry in particular has benefited much from its introduction. But the real impact is still to come. The automation that comes with the current …

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Thermal imaging drones: key applications

thermal imaging sensor

There has long been a strong market for thermal imaging. But industry advances, placing high-quality thermal cameras within drones, has opened up huge opportunities in everything from safety to surveillance, law enforcement to search and rescue. Drone with thermal camera Thermal sensors are increasingly being used with drones, giving users the chance to ‘see’ from …

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Offshore oilrig inspections with Drones (Main Areas)

Drones demonstrating their value Offshore oilrig: With the advancement in drones and related technologies, drones are increasingly finding their way into various capital-intensive sectors such as Oil and Gas, both Onshore and Offshore. Increasingly, the world’s largest oil producers are using drones to supplement the work of their technicians. Given the complications and high costs associated …

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8 Levels of Drone Autonomy

Drone Autonomy Drone Autonomy can be described as the ability of a drone to independently decide on a course of action and react to environmental triggers. 8 levels of evolution of drone autonomy. Drone Autonomy – a history. In the 4 to 5 years that advances in cellular technologies have enabled drones to become accessible …

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Fixed Wing Drones.

Fixed Wing Drones: When it is a better option. Drone Flight times Fixed Wing Drones vs. Multirotor Drones and the 1 hour barrier. A discussion about the ‘comfort zone’ of long range Quadcopters vs the competitive value of Fixed Wing UAVs at the higher-end where quadcopters hit the ‘1 hour flight-time limit’. WIDE SCALE ADOPTION of …

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UAV Communication Systems

 UAV Communication Systems The sales of UAVs, and UAV Communication Systems, are increasing as regulatory progress is being made and business are accepting UAV technologies and are preparing for large scale adoption of the UAVs into their business processes. Not doing so will mean they fall behind their competition. As with all technologies there always a …

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Long Range Drone – Long Distance UAV

THE SECRETS TO BUILDING AN EXTRA LONG RANGE DRONE (QUADCOPTER). A recipe for a long range drone DIY enthusiasts. When it comes to UAVs, Quadcopter or Fixed-Wings, the Holy Grail has always been: HOW LONG CAN YOUR DRONE FLY? And for good reason: The further drones can fly, the more cost-effective with better ROI the …

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UAVs in Construction

Construction Drones In the construction process the following types of data can be collected using the NEXTECH’s ATLAS-T platform:  – 2D Mapping: Visual, NIR and DEM.  – 3D Data: LiDAR  – Raw Imagery: Aerial, Thermal, Multi-Spectral Construction Investment Monitoring Real-time awareness and accuracy have always been challenges on construction sites. Drones can used throughout the …

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Drones in Oil and Gas industry – ( 6 Areas of Application)

 DRONES in Oil and Gas Industry: 6 areas to make a difference.  In the Oil and Gas industry, critical functions are: asset management and monitoring to assess production performance,  environmental and safety compliance,  overall integrity and other factors.  While the needs are straightforward, the complexities, risks and scale involved are immense: pipelines span thousands of …

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Drones in car chases – anatomy of a pursuit in an urban setting

Drones in car chases straight line advantage

Drones in car chases Drones in car chases have a number of advantages compared to land-based operators whether on foot or in a vehicle. Cash in Transit Heists Hair-raising footage recorded inside a cash-in-transit vehicle under attack on a busy Pretoria road has put a spotlight on the war-like scenarios that cash in transit vehicles are exposed to …

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