What are the benefits of LONG RANGE SECURITY DRONES?

Security drones are:

  1. easier, faster, and cheaper method of data collection,
  2. enter narrow and confined spaces,
  3. minimal noise,
  4. night vision cameras and thermal sensors, capture imagery the human eye is unable to detect.
  5. quickly cover large and difficult-to-reach areas,
Security Drones enable: “Enhanced ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) process with more detailed levels of DRI (Detect, Recognise, Identify) lead to higher levels of SA (Situational Awareness), better Decision-making and more effective Action”
Security Drones in ISR and DRI
Observe Orient Decide Act

When are LONG-RANGE drone flight missions more beneficial?

  • Ideal where assets and resources are distributed over large areas from:
    • natural resources like forests,
    • living assets like livestock or game or
    • distributed infrastructure like roads, borders and pipelines.
  • Being able to operate a multiple drones automatically over larger areas of deployment,
    • not only dramatically increases their value proposition or ROI,
    • but also makes these solutions much more scalable.
    • One operator can supervise an increasingly large number of drones.
living assets, like game, distributed over large areas

Some direct LONG-RANGE drone advantages

  • Straight-line efficiency improvement of up to 25% reducing the landing, re-fueling, take-off time, redeployment.
    • The longer flight times that come with long range BVLOS missions more efficient because less time is spent travelling to landing sites and with multiple landings abs take-offs per single commercial mission.
  • Uncommitted/strike area, the potential strike area that can be covered increases exponentially with every extra kilometre flight range



  • Line monitoring
    • fixed-wing UAVs are used to perform high-level highway, coastal and border surveillance and security.
    • provide high-level feedback on illegal border crossing, smuggling or wild animal traffic.
  • Site monitoring
    • multi-rotors provide higher manoeuvrability and can hover more easily.
    • provide live streaming of detailed data,
    • follow objects or intruders from a safe distance and quickly cover a large area,
distributed infrastructure, like pipelines

Oil and Gas

  • Prevention of pipeline sabotage and oil theft and illegal oil trafficking
  • High performance security fencing UAV / Drone perimeter detection and response systems
  • Re-positioning of assets and slow moving heavy lift vessels in offshore Oil & Gas

Maritime Defence

  • Counter Piracy Operations: UAVs are useful to monitor, analyze and anticipate pirate vessel movements. This allows security forces to identify hazardous areas, potential assault locations and timings and evaluate piracy trends around the world.
  • Super Yacht Security: UAVs are involved in protection services for super yachts which has helped crews to stay safe, reduced delays and minimized cost overruns. Such services add value by reducing insurance premiums and assuring stakeholders that company assets are secure.

Traffic Management

  • provides a detailed description of the use and performance of road networks.
  • waypoint navigation which allows them to be programmed to fly along specific routes repetitively;
  • be deployed to fly over specific roads and in specific situations.


Poaching is typically related to large parks and habitats, and close surveillance of these areas is difficult.

  • equipped with cameras, and thermal sensors and sniffers to detect poachers and hazardous gases.
  • they can also be kept on site for rapid deployment,
  • a very low noise footprint which doesn’t disturb the animals or alert the poachers
long range ATLAS-V deployed in operations

Tactical Drone Gimbal

  • Software stabilisation of the video stream.
  • Object tracking. Automatically maintain the object of interest inside the video frame, even if the object is moving and the aircraft platform is moving.
  • Scene steering is a similar function, but keeps the entire scene in the video frame.
  • For long range surveillance applications the automated object tracking function is critical as the operator would not be able to zoom into the target and keep the target in the video frame manually.
Target tracking

The type of UAV you will use depends on your application, for example:

  • ATLAS-V (VTOL fixed wing) with long range Antenna Tracker 20km+ range for Detection, supplemented by:
  • ATLAS-T (Quadcopter/Multirotor) with long range Antenna Tracker up to 20km range for Identification and Situational Awareness during more rapid Response actions.

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