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Airborne Drones design and manufactures its own commercial drone systems in Cape Town. Airborne Drones focuses on the design, manufacturing and marketing long range SUAVs, or Drones, for industrial strength commercial use. Long range drone products have the potential to have huge benefits for commerce and business. Solutions are developed and/or customised to meet specific client requirements. Services include support and training during implementation, as well as post implementation.

Along with a number of large deals with international entities a number of very established commercial enterprises, both locally and internationally (RSA, USA, Canada, Middle East, South-East Asia, Southern-America, Africa) have, or are poised to, join Airborne Drones’ partner network.

Airborne Drones, having done well in developing a solid product offering and an international market place, is well poised to take advantage of a booming international market. Our product portfolio currently consists of the following offerings:

Airborne Drones services an international base of clients ranging from South Africa to the UAE. Clients include representatives from the following industries: Farming & Agriculture, Wildlife & Game, Surveillance & Security, Surveying & Mapping, Delivery & Transport and Inspection & Detection.