SENTINEL+LiDAR Survey & Agriculture Drone - airbornedrones




  • Capture large amounts of data over large areas in a single survey.
  • Generate billions of points totaling several terabytes, most cost effectively.
  • Do selective feature extraction. For example, the removal of trees and other vegetation to see just the buildings.


  • FORESTRY MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING: LIDAR is unique in its ability to measure the vertical structure of forest canopies, mapping both the ground beneath the forest, and predicting canopy bulk density and canopy base height.
  • FLOOD MODELLING: Only high-resolution input data from LIDAR has brought this level of detail to the industry allowing for much more accurate flood prediction models to be created where mere inches make a huge difference.
  • POLLUTION MODELLING: Using short wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum LIDAR has a unique ability to detect particles in both water and air. In addition to identifying airborne pollutants is LIDAR’s ability to assist in the detection of noise and light pollution.
  • MAPPING AND CARTOGRAPHY: The 3D aspect, high resolution and accuracy, of LIDAR makes it especially suitable for mapping terrain models, including complex mountain topography.
  • URBAN PLANNING: LIDAR data is an ideal new technology for obtaining Digital Surface Models (DSMs) of the earth's surface, creating large area models in a very short space of time.
  • COASTLINE MANAGEMENT: Lack of definable features and access to cliffs, etc, make surveying the shallow areas around the coast quite difficult and time consuming. Using a multi-beam survey, large areas can be flown in a short space of time. In these cases an airborne LIDAR survey is crucial.
  • TRANSPORT PLANNING: Significant improvements in the accuracy potential of LIDAR data is supporting engineering planning and change detection of road networks which requires high spatial resolution and high scale engineering mapping accuracy.
  • OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION: Differential Absorption LIDAR (DIAL) can be used to detect trace amounts of gases in the atmosphere above hydrocarbon deposits. The detection of gases can be analysed for a measurable concentration of anomalies.
  • QUARRIES AND MINERALS (Volumetrics and Exploration): With Its high accuracy, it means LIDAR can be used in quick surveys to give precise volumetric measurements within a few centimeters, especially since the constant changing of a quarry or mine environment requires regular laser scanning.
  • ARCHAEOLOGY: LIDAR can also provide archaeologists with the ability to create high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) of archaeological sites that can reveal micro-topography that are otherwise hidden by vegetation, or not distinguishable through traditional geo-spatial methods, or difficult to reach through field surveys.
  • CELLULAR NETWORK PLANNING: With the ability to collect large areas of high-resolution data in a relatively short space of time, LIDAR provides the perfect data for cellular network planning.

“Real-time, 360°, 3D distance and calibrated reflective measurements.”

With 16 channels of laser/detector pairs, using only one sensor, the NEW VLP-16 (“Puck”) achieves 360-degree full surround view and 30-degree vertical field of view. At a tenth of the price, this places Velodyne ahead of any other LIDAR solution provider. The VLP-16 is dramatically driving down the cost LIDAR technology, creating a new standard of affordability, making the VLP16 the ideal choice for the Airborne Sentinel UAV platform.

The Velodyne LIDAR Puck does not have visible rotating parts, making it highly resilient in challenging environments.

The Airborne Sentinel is a heavy lifting UAV, with long flight time, and along with its unique high speed Data Link capability, designed for intensive data applications, like scanning, and is the perfect fit for the VLP-16.

Designed In-house, the Airborne SENTINEL design exceeds the boundaries for long range, high endurance unmanned aircraft systems by combining the latest technology with engineering of the highest quality. Starting from scratch enabled us to develop a fully functional, integrated, multi-rotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of application requirements without compromise.

A compact fold-able design is the latest feature added to the Airborne SENTINEL system. With its light weight and precision balanced counterparts, the SENTINEL comes with a 50v Power Pack allowing the system an extensive flight time of 74 minutes. The power of a 50V (12S) system gives you the efficiency of a large prop low KV drone but the flight characteristics and wind tolerance of a small quad-copter.

The SENTINEL is extremely easy to load and offload when on a trip or mission. It will take less than one minute to fully setup and is deplorable from its custom in-house Hard case Backpack.



 Carbon Fiber Frame
Airborne Drones Sentinel System
Flight Controller + GPS + Data Telemetry
3 Axis Integrated Brushless Gimbal System
Industrial Aluminum Case 
Radio Controller System
AC/DC Battery Charger Kit
2 x 22 000mAh 6s Battery
4 x 26" Carbon Fiber Props
4 x High Efficiency Motors


MAX operational flight time (with payload 2 kg): ± 74 min
MAX range (Endurance based on a 12m/s speed):35Km
MAX forward speed: 12 m/s
MAX climb rate: 5 m/s
MAX descent rate: 2.5 m/s
MAX operational altitude: (ASL) ± 4000 m
MAX range (Radio): 35 km
MAX operating wind speed: ± 10 m/s
MAX operating temperature: +50 °C
MIN operating temperature: -5 °C


Weight RTF ex LiPo: 3.5kg
Weight RTF inc LiPo: 8.5kg
Weight MAX Payload: 2kg
Weight MAX AUW: 10.5kg


Dimensions open (L x W x H; mm): 835L x 835W x 350H (Dome)
Dimensions folded (L x W x H; I mm): 540L x 300W x 340H
Diagonal length: 1180mm

Each system is accompanied with 2 year service and support package giving you hands on help with our engineers who are trained in the field where it matters most.