ATLAS Discover: Extra Long-Range Exploratory Surveillance

Discover the possibilities of using the extra long-range fuel fixed-wing UAV.
This solution can be used for higher altitude surveillance missions to discover and explore unknown areas.

The Atlas Discover Solution includes a full backup (UAV) system, a ground station, an antenna tracker, system integration, 4G Sat along with training, a spare parts package, and a maintenance plan.
Our after sales support includes technical support from a dedicated team of engineers.


  • Pipeline Management
  • Border Management
  • High Altitude Surveillance

Solution Features

  • Ultra Long Range
  • Multiple Stakeholders
  • Situational Awareness
  • Ongoing Mission
  • Persistent Surveillance in Remote and Otherwise Unreachable Areas
  • Detect signs of Intruder Presence in Surrounding Area
  • Detailed 3D Digital Representation of Targets and Target Areas