ATLAS Pipeline: Long Range Pipeline Monitoring & Management

Pipelines get monitored against various parameters, such as pipeline pressure and temperature, pipeline rupture, the layout of pipelines and the type of fluid being transported.
Leak detection also represents one of the most critical elements of the Oil & Gas industry’s inspection for the prevention of major accidents, as well as avoiding malfunction of equipment.

The ATLAS pipeline solution enables automated long range infrastructure management, with the use of either our quadcopter or fixed wing VTOL plane, and transforms pipeline monitoring with advanced payloads to provide digitally enabled inspection and detection.
We provide Training, a spare parts package for your chosen UAV system, after sales support which includes technical support from a dedicated team of engineers, and a maintenance plan.


  • Upstream, Mid stream & Down stream Oil & Gas Operations
  • Power Utilities
  • Water Authorities
  • Road Authorities
  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Pipeline Operators

Solution Features

  • Long Range Infrastructure Inspections
  • Automatic Gas Leak Detection
  • Right of Way Monitoring
  • Digital Twinning