ISR Extend: Long Range Response & Surveillance

Combine the best of both worlds with this sophisticated solution that joins forces of both the fxed-wing VTOL (fly higher and longer) and our quadcopters (fast, rapid response and close inspection).

The Atlas ISR Extend Solution
package is well suited for early detection, long range flights, and persistent ISR. The user can identify critical situations from afar with the VTOL plane and inform the chain of command via the control centre (4G Sat & integrated secure network).
The ground teams can then interject and dispense the agile quadcopters for the mission.
We provide training and after sales support which includes technical support from a dedicated team of engineers, on standby.
All this along with a spare parts package and maintenance plan.


  • Pipeline Management
  • Border management
  • Mine/Quarry Management

Solution Features

  • Low Maintenance Electrical Motors
  • Ongoing Mission & Multiple Drones
  • Detect Signs of Intruder Presence in Surrounding Areas
  • Detailed 3D Digital Representation of Targets and Target Areas
  • Multiple Environmental Variables
  • Multiple Stakeholders
  • Situational Awareness