ISR: Incident Response – Complex Missions Persistent Surveillance <20km

The Atlas ISR Solution has two quadcopters flying simultaneously and a hot standby quadcopter ready to be swapped out at any time during your mission.
Our team will integrate the command centre so communication will flow from the command centre to the ground teams and stakeholders via an antenna tracker and 4G Satellite.
This solution allows for persistent surveillance to ensure that you will always have eyes in the sky.
We provide training, a spare parts package, after sales support which includes technical support from a dedicated team of engineers, and a maintenance plan.


  • Deployment from Vehicles for Tactical Teams
  • Tactical Reaction Units
  • Security Estate Breaches
  • Delivery of Target Markers
  • Anti-Poaching & Border Hotspots

Solution Features

  • Ongoing Mission/Multiple Drones
  • Detect Signs of Intruder Presence in Surrounding Area
  • Detailed 3D Digital Representation of Targets and Target Areas
  • Multiple Environmental Variables
  • Multiple Stakeholders
  • Situational Awareness