Drones For Security

Drones in border management

Post by: Tom Dent-Spargo | Robotics Law Journal – 12 February 2018. Drones for security. (http://www.roboticslawjournal.com/global/drones-for-security-92334289) According to South Africa based enterprise-grade drone manufacturer, drones will soon be seen regularly flying over borders-zones, crime hot spots, and city streets, as public safety agencies discover the potential cost-saving benefits and efficiency boosting nature offered by the eye in the sky. …

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No fly zones in cities

Smart City Technologies are being deployed in cities all over the globe. Drones and the smart city. Case study Wisconsin police recently reported that with the help of their search and rescue drone, they captured a robbery suspect that was evading police. Amidst all the negative publicity surrounding drones and UAVs that has matriculated in …

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